Nomad Coffee is open for business

The past week has been a bit of a blur.  We’ve just finished our first 6 days of business and Nicole and I have been on site opening or closing shop, pulling espresso’s or running errands for the business 10-12 hours per day each day.  In such a short time we’ve come from being a bit anxious and overwhelmed being the barista with a few clients waiting, to feeling comfortable enough within our little cafe to relax and enjoy the little moments and the gratefulness many clientele have expressed at having us open up shop in their neighborhood.  We enjoyed a few exhilarating  moments when we looked at each other and realized ‘We have a coffee shop!’

There are some final details to take care of in the interior of Nomad, namely trimming out the interior of windows and adding some shelves into the cabinets I have built based on our needs and the workflow we developed this week.  We also have a list of small improvements we’d like to make, which I think will never actually diminish, but will always be queueing up as we improve  and grow.

We’ve ordered our t-shirts for the folks who purchased the ‘The Package’ from our IndieGogo campaign and we’ll be shipping those out at the end of the month when they arrive.

Our hours are now established (for the time being) to be 7am – 3pm Monday-Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturday.

We are so proud of our accomplishment thus far! It hasn’t been quick or easy, but it has been worth the wait. Each time we hear someone tell us they are grateful to have us open in the 5 corners, it’s the icing on the cake.



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