Winter 2017: Sugarbush Resort & Essex Pop-up

We’ve got big news! Our little coffee shop on wheels which has been open 7days a week since August 2016, will be moving in early December to take up residence at Sugarbush Resort in Warren VT for the winter season. We’re very excited about this opportunity and hope to create a long term relationship at Sugarbush, offering up our specialty coffee game to the snow warriors of the slopes.

The big question our clients are asking is..

What Does this mean for Essex Junction?

We’ve really enjoyed building our clientele in Essex Junction and we see lot’s of opportunity for growth in the village of Essex Junction and the town of Essex. We see Nomad Coffee in Essex for the long term and so we want to keep touch with our clients here even though our tiny house will be elsewhere. We’re currently looking for opportunities to ‘pop-up’ in Essex Junction for the winter season until our tiny house shop returns in April 2018. We’ll have more updates as our plans become clearer!

We’re excited!

Interested in working with us at Sugarbush this season? (You get a free season’s pass as our employee) We’re hiring and would love to hear from you.

We’re 1 Year Old

It’s our birthday and we can cry if we want to! But we don’t feel like crying!
We feel like saying Thank you to all our customers and friends who’ve supported us our first year. #ThankYou #Bigtime

Some Numbers

In the last year we’ve sold

  • 5,198 Hot coffees
  • 2,456 Lattes
  • 1,333 Iced Coffees
  • 977 Cappuccinos
  • 647 Mochas
  • 655 Vanilla Chai Lattes
  • & 4,766 Croissants, scones, muffins & cookies


Nomad Coffee is open for business

The past week has been a bit of a blur.  We’ve just finished our first 6 days of business and Nicole and I have been on site opening or closing shop, pulling espresso’s or running errands for the business 10-12 hours per day each day.  In such a short time we’ve come from being a bit anxious and overwhelmed being the barista with a few clients waiting, to feeling comfortable enough within our little cafe to relax and enjoy the little moments and the gratefulness many clientele have expressed at having us open up shop in their neighborhood.  We enjoyed a few exhilarating  moments when we looked at each other and realized ‘We have a coffee shop!’

There are some final details to take care of in the interior of Nomad, namely trimming out the interior of windows and adding some shelves into the cabinets I have built based on our needs and the workflow we developed this week.  We also have a list of small improvements we’d like to make, which I think will never actually diminish, but will always be queueing up as we improve  and grow.

We’ve ordered our t-shirts for the folks who purchased the ‘The Package’ from our IndieGogo campaign and we’ll be shipping those out at the end of the month when they arrive.

Our hours are now established (for the time being) to be 7am – 3pm Monday-Friday and 9am-2pm on Saturday.

We are so proud of our accomplishment thus far! It hasn’t been quick or easy, but it has been worth the wait. Each time we hear someone tell us they are grateful to have us open in the 5 corners, it’s the icing on the cake.



Getting Airtime

Wow, We’ve been busy!  And we wanted to let you know what we’ve been up to.

Getting Airtime

This past week we were guests on a Podcast about entrepreneurship called ‘Surviving the Startup’ with host Marc Amazon and co-host and entrepreneur Corey Ward (of Tom & Chee).  It was a great experience for us.  Think Sharktank, without the investors and a little less intense.


Basically, we pitched our business to them and they gave their feedback and challenged our ideas and motivations.  Once again, it was a great exercise. And we’ll update you with

First Event

We also hosted our first promo event for the public where we tested out some of our menu and offerings for the community at 802 Crossfit in Essex.  There was lots of prep, a bit of nerves and great reception for us.

IMG_1087 IMG_1086

We served up coffee from our friends at Brio Coffee Works, a batch of cold brew we made ourselves from their beans and we had a selection of single origin coffee’s for pour overs.  Our homemade iced chai was a favorite as well our Chocolate Chaga smoothie featuring GoodStuff.  Nicole also made delicious paleo fudgesicles and bulletproof coffee popsicles which we are going to carry in our menu after the great reviews!

This Weekend at Sweet Clover Market

To continue our momentum and our efforts to get the word out about this campaign and our coming launch, we’ll also be serving up cold and hot beverages & goodies outside Sweet Clover Market in Essex tomorrow, Saturday July 9th from 11-3pm. Come say hello and tell your friends!

Teaming Up

Do you know someone who organizes events in the greater Vermont area?  We want to connect with event coordinators and businesses who would benefit from the services of a mobile coffee shop.  If you know someone like this, we’d love to hear from you.  Teaming up with local events & businesses is one way we can reach closer to our fundraising goal and provide great food and beverages to the community.

Thank you once again for your support of our little business. We are so thankful and encouraged with all the help and positive feedback.  Things are getting exciting as we close in on our launch date (we’ve got more and more coffee equipment filling our house).

If you want to stay in touch, please like us on Facebook, or follow us on Instagram & Twitter.

IndieGogo campaign is launched!

We’re excited to announce we’ve launched our crowdfunding campaign on With this campaign we are trying to kick start out launch date and get off the ground this summer rather than later this fall/winter.  We debated on whether to crowdfund our final costs, but because we think it will be much better for the business to get things running this summer, rather than later in the year, we decided to put the time and energy into putting together a crowd funding campaign on IndieGogo.

The remaining funds we are are  trying to raise are for our coffee equipment (espresso machine, grinders, brewers and more), generator, water tanks and filtrations, plumbing and gas work and minor permits and licenses.  cost-breakdown-graphic


We are running a ‘flexible funding’ campaign, which means we’ll be able to keep whatever funds raised regardless as to whether we reach our funding goal of $15,700. Whatever financial help we are able to garner through our efforts on IndieGogo, will get us to our launch date sooner.

The Perks

But besides helping us get on the road and brewing our coffee sooner, what do you get for helping?  Great perks of course!

We’ve got a slew of awesome rewards, including Nomad Coffee swag; magnets, mugs, t-shirts and drink tokens as well as your own catered coffee party for 20 friends, or a mobile coffee shop catered wedding or corporate event.  So check out our campaign and we hope to see you soon in Essex VT or in the green mountain playground.