IndieGogo campaign is launched!

We’re excited to announce we’ve launched our crowdfunding campaign on With this campaign we are trying to kick start out launch date and get off the ground this summer rather than later this fall/winter.  We debated on whether to crowdfund our final costs, but because we think it will be much better for the business to get things running this summer, rather than later in the year, we decided to put the time and energy into putting together a crowd funding campaign on IndieGogo.

The remaining funds we are are  trying to raise are for our coffee equipment (espresso machine, grinders, brewers and more), generator, water tanks and filtrations, plumbing and gas work and minor permits and licenses.  cost-breakdown-graphic


We are running a ‘flexible funding’ campaign, which means we’ll be able to keep whatever funds raised regardless as to whether we reach our funding goal of $15,700. Whatever financial help we are able to garner through our efforts on IndieGogo, will get us to our launch date sooner.

The Perks

But besides helping us get on the road and brewing our coffee sooner, what do you get for helping?  Great perks of course!

We’ve got a slew of awesome rewards, including Nomad Coffee swag; magnets, mugs, t-shirts and drink tokens as well as your own catered coffee party for 20 friends, or a mobile coffee shop catered wedding or corporate event.  So check out our campaign and we hope to see you soon in Essex VT or in the green mountain playground.



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